Case Studies

There are two reasons we call our years as tax credit specialists “valuable client experiences”. The first is that it is our clients, many of whom are among the most respected companies in their industries, which have partnered with us to perfect the way we discover, qualify and support earned tax credits. The second is that whether handling hire-based, zone-based, or R&D programs, we bring clients value by:

  • Outperforming tax credit performance by 30-40% over in house or even Big Four resources.
  • Having a 99.3% acceptance rate in State and Federal audits.
  • Building a flexible point-of-hire tax incentive capture and management process that optimizes programs.

What Sets Tax Credit Co. Apart?

If you called up all the clients whose experiences appear in this section of our website, and asked them, “what’s so great about Tax Credit Co.”, we are confident they would unanimously respond, “Tax Credit Co. is passionate about tax credits”.

R&D Tax Incentives

Every single Research and Development credit study receives a team of experienced R&D field analysts, consultants, and CPA’s, who dig deep into client processes, then more carefully prepare documentation to meet IRS and state requirements for qualification.

Enterprise Zone Credits

Tax Credit Co. has more Enterprise Zone knowledge, more active involvement in policy and more experience. Tax Credit Co. produces the industry’s most respected “EZ” information service.

Federal and State Hiring Incentives

Tax Credit Co. has been on top of hiring incentive programs like WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) since the Clinton Administration, and has unique experience with the 40 states outside California that encourage hiring of disadvantaged candidates.

Tax Credit Co.’s Tax Incentive Portal

“TIP”, Tax Credit Co.’s exclusive Tax Incentive Portal, enables Hiring Managers, HR, Financial and Tax Management to more easily and thoroughly screen, capture and report State and Federal credits for candidates and employees in real time. null