Big Box Retailer


Retail is a business that requires constant innovation and new ways to provide a better experience for customers. This Fortune 100 retail leader certainly represents the absolute best in their area of specialization.

Like most large, national entities, leveraging hiring incentives can contribute materially to lowering effective tax rates and improving bottom line financial performance.

However, turning incentives into credits, with over 150,000 employees in thousands of locations, requires equal parts innovation, attention to detail and responsive customer service.


In this case the solution was a mirror of the client’s business philosophy; well trained and experienced people combined with leading edge technology.

Tax Credit Co. assigned a team of experienced analysts, CPA’s, tax counsel and quality control specialists, to work alongside client tax, IS, HR and payroll departments.

Using a ZoneGIS database state tax incentive zones, Tax Credit Co. identified additional qualified employees and a significant number of additional locations over previously claimed credits, to substantially increase qualifying rates, ultimately driving a large credit increase.


Tax Credit Co. doubled hiring-based tax credits, which for this very large company had a multi-million dollar financial impact.