Freight & Logistics


It takes more than 30,000 highly trained people to design, implement and manage supply chain solutions, domestic and overseas transport, and warehousing services.

With operations spread across 400+ locations nationwide, the complexity and administrative burden of participation and compliance was ultimately driving down the value of hiring incentive programs and limiting the company’s ROI.


Bring in outside specialists who could perform the considerable investigation and legwork with as little impact on company resources as possible. With years of experience, and an impeccable reputation among Fortune 1000 clients, Tax Credit Co. became an obvious choice.

Tax Credit Co. literally became logistics experts for tax credit capture. A team of federal and state incentive experienced analysts, tax experts and quality control specialists were assigned to work alongside client tax, IS, HR and payroll departments across the country.

First, Tax Credit Co. centralized capture, administration and reporting of credits. Then, Tax Credit Co. took over administration of necessary paperwork, filing and follow up with multiple agencies in multiple states.

To permanently make sure the optimum number of credits were captured in the future, Tax Credit Co. custom fit their proprietary point-of-hire Tax Incentive Portal to help manage all aspects of screening, compliance and reporting in any location in the country.


Today, this client relies on Tax Credit Co. to manage the capture and administration of all tax credits. So far the process has delivered a seven figure tax savings per year.