Aerospace & Materials Processing


This client is a leading provider of specialized process equipment, control systems and custom manufacturing for the aerospace and commercial materials processing industries.

Without this client’s large scale heating, cooling, resin transfer modules, vacuum and bonding equipment, it would be difficult for the aerospace, glass, solar, rubber and tire industries to produce state-of-the-art products.

This is the type of business that requires ongoing research and development investments to continue winning contracts from their Fortune 500 client base, as well as all branches of the military and foreign governments.

Tax Credit Co.’s focused client clearly understood the strategic advantage of bringing in a specialist to handle the recovery of R&D tax credits.


Tax Credit Co. assembled an experienced, technology-savvy team who could quickly understand and identify potentially overlooked areas for seven separate design and manufacturing product lines plus attendant support services. Tax Credit Co.’s field team immersed themselves into the product development and manufacturing process. They created audit ready documentation that client financial management could use with complete confidence for any federal or state audit challenge.


100% upheld in audit. The client secured a seven-figure refund that they used to help invest in new facilities for their growing operation.