Defense & Aerospace


The scale and accomplishment of this Fortune 100 global leader in advanced aircraft, guided missiles, ship building and electronics systems is critical to the nation’s security.

Their preeminence however didn’t extend to defending California state tax credits, or creating new solutions to capture ongoing hiring-based incentives.


Working with the client’s tax department, IS, HR and payroll groups, Tax Credit Co. assembled an experienced reconnaissance squad to search out, capture and document, and then recalculate all existing tax credit claims.

Then, in the tradition of this client’s quality management principles, Tax Credit Co. sought to help build a better, more proactive solution for tax incentive capture.

Tax Credit Co. deployed their unique zone-based GIS tax credit calculation technology, along with their proprietary Tax Incentive Portal, enabling hiring managers, HR, tax and financial professionals to more thoroughly and accurately capture and report point-of-hire credits in California, and throughout the country in real time.


Mission accomplished above and beyond expectations. Credits 100% accepted, and the company maximized available zone-based incentives.