Entertainment & Attractions


The boulevard of broken dreams is lined with businesses not taking full advantage California Enterprise Zone incentives.

Such was the case for this iconic tourist attraction. Business was looking much better due to years of continuous development to restore Hollywood to its former glory. With growth came longer hours, hiring more help, and the opportunity to realize more state hiring credits.

How could these tax incentives be discovered, qualified and substantiated to immediately impact the bottom line?


In order to maximize the use of available credits, this client knew they needed a company with unique talent. With Tax Credit Co.’s years of zone-based experience, they discovered the exact talent they were looking for.

A Tax Credit Co. specialist team consisting of experienced field analysts, CPA’s, and tax counsel obtained location and hiring data, and when necessary, conducted personal tax credit interviews with newly hired personnel.

Then quality control analysts meticulously assembled an “audit ready” documentation package that financial management could use with 99% confidence for any audit challenge.


The study was an instant smash hit, with this local attraction quickly saving a meaningful percentage of operating revenue in state taxes.