Materials & Facilities Management


The complex logistics of handling over 100 million tons of customer’s products a year requires as much investment in talent management as in equipment and systems.

Because of the industrial nature of their business, this materials management, transportation systems, and facilities management company is heavily invested in State Enterprise and Federal Empowerment Zones in 30 states.

The issue was how could financial management of the company best take advantage of the unique incentives that surround their 100 offices to reduce state and federal tax liabilities?


The materials management and logistics consultants hired the tax incentive experts at Tax Credit Co. to conduct a national study of available Federal Empowerment Zone and Renewal Community tax credits.

Using proprietary ZoneGIS and tax credit calculation/management technology, Tax Credit Co.’s team obtained location and payroll data to document and calculate nationwide zone-based hiring credits.


Tax Credit Co. seamlessly delivered a high six figure federal tax credit,  executed with minimal day-to-day input or involvement by the client’s tax or HR departments.