Under pressure from superstores and low cost competitors, the supermarket business is under continuous margin pressure, requiring innovative ways to reduce costs and maintain profitability. Such was the case for an iconic brand operating hundreds of stores in California.

For Fortune 500 companies like this one, the Enterprise Zone program plays an important role in reducing California state tax burdens, among the highest in the country.

Unknown to this client, their current tax credit provider was leaving more than half of their perishable California State Enterprise Zone hiring credits on the table.


Working closely with the purveyor’s IT, HR and tax departments, Tax Credit Co.’s team of tax credit specialists worked to identify additional qualified employees, and add a significant number of qualified, but previously overlooked locations to substantially increase qualifying rates.

To accomplish this, Tax Credit Co. employed its proprietary GIS and tax credit calculation/management technology, as well as up to the minute knowledge of policy. This was accomplished by serving on the Board of California’s Association of Enterprise Zones, and producing the industry’s leading Enterprise Zone news source (EZ Policy Blog).


Tax Credit Co. delivered a 100% increase in credits with a immediate impact.