Our Services


Our Services

Whether it’s claiming hiring-based or Research & Development tax credits for the first time, retroactively increasing prior claims, or rebuilding credit studies for more favorable results, Tax Credit Co. has the proven experience to find and validate credits most valuable to your specific business.

Tax Incentive Administration

Tax Credit Co. continues to develop highly effective proprietary technology, (please see our Tax Incentive Portal) that both large and small specialized businesses depend upon for the ongoing administration of Federal and State employee-based incentive programs.

Look Back Studies

Tax Credit Co. works with some of the most respected companies in the country to retroactively claim available tax incentives. These incentives include Federal Zone Based Credits, Federal and State Research and Development Credits, and certain state hiring-based incentive programs.

With a team of expert specialists servicing each initiative, Tax Credit Co.’s look back performance averages 70% better than Big Four accounting firms, national employer services, and other boutique providers.

Audit Support

With an acceptance rate of 98.5%, our clients approach state and federal audits with great confidence. This level of performance can only be achieved two ways. First, through thorough analysis, solid strategic approaches and detailed documentation. Second, by maintaining a strong reputation with tax authorities, which is the result of years of cooperative and mutually respectful relationships with auditors and government agencies.