State Hiring Incentives

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State Hiring Incentives

With unemployment at record highs, and most state unemployment funds in precarious financial positions, there is fervent political interest in special hiring incentives for the most disadvantaged.

These benefits, ranging from $200 to $3,000 per employee, will have even greater value as the economy gains momentum in 2012.

Carpe Diem

Whether you are a small company working within one state, or a large enterprise with coast to coast operations, Tax Credit Co. is in an excellent position to help you gain the most benefit from individual state hiring-based tax incentives.

With years of specialized experience dealing with dozens of yearly program variances, designations, expirations and modifications, Tax Credit Co. will help you gain more retroactive and present-year credits than internal resources or external accounting firms can provide.

Use Credits With Confidence

With unwavering quality control, you are assured that value realized is the value utilized. Over the past 15 years documentation is so right, so precise, that its acceptance rates hover near 99% in state and federal audits.

Point-of-Hire Portal Maximizes Credits

Tax Credit Co.’s exclusive Tax Incentive Portal (TIP), combined with customized support services, puts the industry’s most powerful point-of-hire screening solution and administration tool in the hands of your hiring managers, HR professionals, financial and tax management enabling them to:

  • View, filter and export tax credit calculations in real-time
  • Manage compliance in real-time
  • Automatically assign unscreened hires to their managers for screening

Most importantly, TIP saves HR and accounting an enormous amount of time by tracking and managing all paper work and electronically signed documentation. Contact Us