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Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Broad Reaching Hiring Incentives for all Size Businesses.

As the economy improves, and the country’s largest number of veterans in almost 60 years returns home, the Federal WOTC program becomes an extremely attractive tax credit for all size companies.

The Stakes

Maximum credits can amount to $9,000 for long term welfare recipients, $4,800 for veterans, and $2,400 for those new hires that meet “standard criteria”.

Realizing that 7.5% – 20% of all new hires qualify for WOTC, most companies are looking at very meaningful federal income tax credits. New revenue can be brought straight to the bottom line, or used to a company’s strategic advantage. Also, WOTC credits can be carried forward 20 years and backwards one year.

The Rules

Tax Credit Co. has worked with WOTC program rules since introduced in the Clinton Administration and can help you gain the maximum benefit from them.

  • Screening forms must be signed prior to job offers.
  • Applications must be submitted within 28 days of hire.

The following targeted groups are eligible to be certified:

  • TANF Recipients
  • Food Stamp Recipients
  • SSI Recipients
  • Veterans
  • Designated Community Residents
  • Summer Youth Employees
  • Vocational Rehab Referrals
  • Ex-Felons
  • Disconnected Youth

Point-of-Hire Portal Maximizes WOTC Credits

Tax Credit Co.’s clients enjoy the advantage of the most powerful point-of-hire screening solution in the market. Tax Credit Co.’s Tax Incentive Portal (TIP) enables:

• View, filter and export tax credit calculations in real-time

• Manage compliance in real-time

• Automatically assign unscreened hires to their hiring managers for screening

Most importantly, TIP saves HR and accounting an enormous amount of time by tracking and managing all paper work and electronically signed documentation.

Download Work Opportunity Tax Credit PDF