Training Incentive Programs

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Invest in Your Employees:
Offset the Cost With State Funded Training Grants

Training Incentive Programs

Training incentives are typically funded through unemployment taxes, and offered to businesses by state and local authorities

  • Incentives in form of grants, contracts or tax credits to help offset the cost of training
  • Generally awarded before training occurs and received by a business after completion
  • Aim to increase trainee wages, job retention, skill sets and/or industry growth

Value to Your Business

The award is usually granted based on the merits of the application and at the discretion of the issuing authority. The size of the award primarily driven by:

  • Trainee Wages (trainees x wage rate x hours in training)
  • Instructor Costs (instructor wages for preparation and instruction)
  • Materials and Facilities (book costs, materials licensing, facilities rental)

Candidates for Training Incentives

Businesses operating in any of the 38 states with incentive programs. Top programs are in:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts

Programs favor high wages, skills sets and job retention. Target industries include:

  • Manufacturing and/or Distribution
  • High-tech, Biotech, Healthcare
  • Information Services
  • Finance and Insurance

We work 1 on 1 with your team to apply for and maintain compliance to training incentives

  • 14 years of expertise in training grants and credits across many state programs
  • Great relationships with different state administrative agencies
  • $300,000 average credit per engagement
  • 75% utilization rate (vs avg of 40-50%)
  • Zero grant applications denied – ZERO!

Download Training Incentives Tax Credit PDF