California Enterprise Zone

Tax Credit Co.’s knowledge and experience of California’s Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program is unparalleled. We have earned the respect of the Franchise Tax Board as one of the most respected Enterprise Zone specialists in the state. This gives and our clients a unique ground level understanding of frequently changing policy. Knowledge that delivers better, more defensible results.

The Stakes

Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives are critically important to bolstering hiring and investment in areas of the state hit hardest by the economic downturn. These tax credit incentives also represent substantial tax benefits to all size companies operating in, and lenders providing financing within complex and constantly changing Enterprise Zone boundaries.

Average credits are $3,500 per employee.

Most companies “in the zone” can realize very meaningful state income tax credits; new revenue that can be brought straight to the bottom line, or used to a company’s strategic advantage.

Sales and Use Tax Credits of up to 9.75% of qualified property, and net interest deductions on qualified loans are also part of the Enterprise Zone program.

The Rules

With Enterprise Zone Tax Incentive programs you are working with two sets of rules. The first set involves the designation and boundaries of Zones in 42 different geographic areas where businesses operate and where employees reside.

The second set of qualifications is employee based, including:

  • Unemployment Recipient
  • Disabled
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Food Stamp Recipients
  • Veterans
  • Economically Disadvantaged
  • Native Americans
  • Dislocated Worker
  • Workforce Investment Act Enrolled
  • WOTC Certified
  • Welfare Recipients

Point-of-Hire Portal Maximizes EZ Credits

For ongoing California Enterprise Zone administration, clients enjoy the advantage of having the most flexible and powerful point-of-hire screening and administrative solution in the market at their fingertips. Tax Credit Co.’s Tax Incentive Portal (TIP) not only assists in identification, qualification, certification, and calculation of tax incentive claims, but will track and manage all paperwork and electronically signed documentation.

Imagine in real time being able to:

  • View, filter and export tax credit calculations in real-time
  • Manage compliance in real-time
  • Automatically assign unscreened hires to their hiring managers for screening

TIP, combined with Tax Credit Co.’s Enterprise Zone expertise will save enormous amount of accounting time and money, as well as help turn HR into a “profit center”. We encourage you to explore all its industry- leading functionality.