Federal Programs

In 1993, the Clinton Administration designated impoverished Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities that now have expanded to 119 cities and 160 rural areas.

No matter where the location, the program’s purpose remains single minded –renewal; creating jobs and business opportunities in our nation’s most disadvantaged areas.

Substantial Tax Incentives are the Backbone of the Empowerment Zone Program.

In addition to expense deductions and capital gains exclusions, the program includes federal tax credits of up to $3,000 per employee, with retroactive credits generally available for up to 3 years.

Up to 20% of Employees Are Eligible. How Many Can You Qualify?

Because of the unique residential requirements of the program, a high number of workers will qualify for federal tax incentives. With a solid 16 years of zone-based tax incentive experience, you are assured Tax Credit Co. will help you find, qualify and document the maximum number of eligible employees more efficiently and effectively than internal or external generalist accounting resources.

Point-of-Hire Portal Maximizes Credit Capture and Compliance

Tax Credit Co.’s exclusive Tax Incentive Portal (TIP) combined with customized support services, puts the industry’s most powerful point-of-hire screening solution and administration tool in the hands of your Hiring Managers, HR professionals, Financial and Tax Management to:

  • View, filter and export tax credit calculations in real-time
  • Manage compliance in real-time
  • Automatically assign unscreened hires to their hiring managers for screening

Most importantly, TIP saves HR and accounting an enormous amount of time by tracking and managing all paper work and electronically signed documentation.

Download Federal Enterprise Zone Credit PDF