State and City Enterprise and Tax Incentive Zones

For the immediate future, politics on a national and state level boils down to one four letter word: jobs. Encouraging employment in areas with people most in need can move significant numbers off public assistance programs, restore a healthier income tax base, and boost local sales tax revenue.

State Tax Incentive Zones Represent Significant Potential Credits

Companies large and small, in virtually all industries can realize significant tax incentives that can vary from $300 to $4,000 per employee. These credits can be taken against state income liabilities, with almost all programs having carryover provisions.

Even for a company with as few as 200 qualified new hires a year, spread across multiple states, this can mean a significant six figure credit that can be brought forward to the bottom line or invested in ways to make the enterprise more competitive.

Mining for Incentives Requires Specialized Experience

The road to securing State Enterprise Zone incentives has significant challenges:

  • Administration is on a state by state basis
  • Some programs are delegated to individual city governments
  • Programs vary by year
  • Some areas allow retroactive claims, others require prequalification
  • New designations, modifications, and expirations X 35 states and additional city zones

With years of on the ground experience, Tax Credit Co.’s knowledge of zone-based tax incentive programs is unequaled. In fact, our expertise is so respected that in California we sit on the California Association of Enterprise Zones representing 45 districts.

Point-of-Hire Portal Maximizes Credit Capture and Compliance

Tax Credit Co.’s exclusive Tax Incentive Portal (TIP), combined with customized support services, puts the industry’s most powerful point-of-hire screening solution and administration tool in the hands of your hiring managers, HR professionals, financial and tax management to:

  • View, filter and export tax credit calculations in real-time
  • Manage compliance in real-time
  • Automatically assign unscreened hires to their hiring managers for screening

Most importantly, TIP saves HR and accounting an enormous amount of time by tracking and managing all paper work and electronically signed documentation. Contact Us